Monday, September 03, 2012

Book review "Complaint-Free-World"

On this labor day long weekend I read this book - Complaint free world.

Link to the Book.

After reading the book I decided that I would write a small review of the book for the purpose of my own notes.As such this book is small and idea is simply based on law of attraction. Do not focus on what do you do not want, instead focus on what do you want. Complaint generate negative energy and thoughts.

I was moved by some of the example that Will Bown (author) has given in the book (HONK if you are HAPPY) to prove his point and give practical evidence that his suggested approach does work. The idea of changing the bracelet from one hand to another whenever you see yourself catching the complaint is fascinating.

I already had rubber bracelet in my office drawer and today is my 3rd day when I changed it from one wrist to another multiple times in a day. And each time when I changes I felt good and I am confident that my inside thinking about complain is going to reduce.

I will update this post again once I would achieve my 21 day challenge of no complain and will share my experience with +ve and -ve.

Stay tuned.

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