Thursday, April 19, 2007

Luck - does it exist?

"LUCK" , perhaps might be the most commonly used word in our day to day life. What is luck? Does something called luck ever exist?
We often blame luck on most of the bad things that happen in our life, and so much call it on luck when somebody else accomplishes something when u least expect them to.
Perhaps, one can explain it as the virtual force behind the unexplained happenings.
Its true most of us find sometimes as good and bad. There’s a good time and bad time for each of us in our lives. No one is ever so lucky all his life. Rather rarely does one accept that he is lucky all his life, but we do find people who say they are unlucky all their life. What is this whole funda about?
I feel every one is lucky and unlucky at various points of life, and its all in the perspective that gives it a feeling of being lucky or unlucky. Optimists compare bad things that happen to them with worse that could have happened and feel lucky about it. Pessimists look at the bad that happened and feel unlucky. But really, who is more happier at end of the day?
Perspective is the magic word I feel, any point of life, U don feel happy about something, just change the perspective. Look in a broader perspective, be optimistic and you will find all the happiness U ever wanted. That’s wat I call as being lucky.
In other words, no one is born lucky or unlucky or even have good/bad times. Luck is not an external force, It is the inner feeling of a person. U can be facing the worst time of your life, being called so unfortunate by everyone around you, but still feel happy and lucky by changing your perspective.
26yrs might be my experience of life, but from whatever little experience I had in my life, I feel every thing that we talk about being non-existent force that drives the world around us, like luck/fortune/destiny, is actually a very integral part of oneself. The one who centralizes this idea into his heart would be the happiest and the luckiest person in (t)his world.
Ironically though I am not yet the happiest person, but yes I am happy for whatever happens in my life or is happening in my life.
I ld like to conclude this crap with a saying: " Divinity is within you, a spark is all that is needed to bring out that hidden divinity in you".

I am a born winner!

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