Thursday, December 20, 2012

Basic rope skipping variations

Rope skipping was never involved in my Cardio workaround until I saw a gentlemen doing  it very elegantly in the gym 3 weeks ago. I was so impressed and affirmed to myself that I will also learn 10 different variation of rope skipping. Today, while doing the skipping  I recorded the below video.

I am still in learning mode but I am pleased to see the progress I have made in this short time frame.

Please feel free to leave your comments below if you like it or you have some recommendations (if you are a pro)

Wanted to do something more funny- check this

Monday, December 17, 2012

Scope of Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics –
Managerial Economics is a branch of economics that studies application of principles of economics to various business situations.

A Business organization is essentially a group of people who have come together for attaining certain common objectives. These objectives are largely material in nature – eg. profits, salaries, production for the purpose of consumption, etc. The behavior of this group of people is therefore a subject matter of study for economics.
A Business Manager is responsible for leading this group of people in the direction of attainment of the objectives. In this capacity she has to take several decisions during the course of her day-to-day operations. An understanding and application of principles of economics would help the Business Manager to take appropriate decisions under various situations.

Economics- Science of making decision in the presence of scarce of resources.
Managerial Economics- How manager will direct resources in a way that most efficiently achieve a managerial goal (which is Maximize profit).

Demand: The quantities of a product that people are willing and able to purchase at various prices during some specific time period

Supply: The quantities of a product that firms are willing and able to offer at various prices during some specific time period
Elasticity: tells us how sensitively buyers and sellers react due to changes in price.
Monopoly - Only one firm
Duopoly- Two firm

An oligopoly is a market form in which a market or industry is dominated by a small number of sellers
Perfect Competition- Many sellers selling the same product.
Game Theory- a study of multi person decision problems
Nash equilibrium is a strategy profile from which no player can gain by deviating alone.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Subconscious Mind Power and Manifesting Your Desires

When I first read about law of attraction (LOA) I was very intrigued about the concept. I wanted to learn more . I read many more articles and watched a movie "secret" created by Jack Canfield, who is also an author of success principles.
The movie Secret has lots of example, where people completely believe in something and those thing happened to them.

Apparently, our mind continuously radiate waves in the universe. Our thoughts and beliefs also vibrate at certain frequencies and energy levels. If we desire about something very strongly, the mind will send positive waves in the universe and will make circumstances to make the thing you want happen (Quantum physics). Lets say, you are going to office and a thought comes in your mind that I will get the parking spot right infront of the main door. If you repeat this to yourself many time and believe it without any doubt then there is 99.99% chance that you are going to get that parking spot.
Try it to see the law of attraction.

Now, if I try to connect the dots in mind and relate LOA to God and worship then they it makes even more sense. For example when you are asking something to GOD you are completely believing in it. You usually do not doubt when you ask something to God. And when ask a particular think 100's of times, alongwith LOA your wish will be completed.A technique to keep focused on your desires and manifest them quickly is visualize these desires as if you had them now, in the present and feel the emotional state that they bring you. Focus on the benefits whether they be personal , materialistic, effecting others, achieving goals or other desires. The best time to practice this visualization is early morning and late at night before sleep

Control your life, start with controlling your thoughts and your mind and absolutely manifest your wildest desires. There is a catch. We may even be attracting into our lives the things we don't want. Learn the mistakes that you can avoid and exact techniques to attain your desires in record speed

Very simply stated, if you focus on what you want , you will get it but if you focus on what you do not want, you will get it too.

Let this be your overriding mindset!

Friday, December 07, 2012

How to Check Torrent video file Quality before download

Everyone know we need to download the whole file from torrents before we can view it. Some torrents do have sample videos with them and user can download them first and see if this quality will suffice to their needs of watching the video but most of the times, the torrent doesn’t have any sample video files which means one need to download the full length video and then view it, may be only to find out that the video’s quality is not even watchable or its something that is not worth watching at this quality.

Apparently there is way to check the quality before downloading the fill movie:
1. Download latest UTorrent client
2. Open UTorrent and open the Video Torrent and Check Quality.
3. Now click the Stream as in the screenshot below to stream that torrent file now it prompt you with windows saying open it with VLC, Media Player or any other video player (RARBH Player) you had installed so just click one and than choose the stream File now UTorrent will just stream the Torrent File.

Check Torretn Quality

4. It will stream Torrent file which you can preview before downloading the original huge file so have FUN streaming and please.


is the world going to end after 14 days?

Anita (my wife) tried to convince me many times that people have become too bad. The world is not a good place to live as it used to earlier..50 years ago or 100 year ago (the more we go in past the better it was). There are so much sin happens on this earth that the destruction is going to happen very soon. It feel like god has put a certain threshold on quota of overall bad things and once it will exceed its threshold limit, God will put the plug for destruction. Boom! the earth will do a 180 degree rotation. Every living thing will be dead. And a new world will start from scratch. In the new world people will be good at heart (that's what she expect), human values will be there. There will no scarcity of resources. Less people and more resources. The world will become a better place to live, call Satyug- per se.

Personally, I believe that world is getting better place. People are becoming more educated. More eager to learn the life of meaning and trying to invent things that can make men life more comfortable. I am not saying that bad people are not there. Resource scarcity is not there. Off-course, they are there. But are the new? NO. Bad people were always there even if you go back 1000 back. Look in history. Were people not greedy or selffish earlier. Attacked other countries, so many times, pulled people in to world wars and killed innocent people.

Now, you may argue that bad people were there, but not almost every other person is bad. Well, no. All (or I should just say almost) are inherently good. When a child is born, he/she does not understand what is good/bad. We put the label on things, like this is bad and we should not do it. This is good. All of these are people opinion. Lets look in to your friend circle, one person may be your best friend and other no-so your friend did something and you labeled him as a bad person, permanently. Now, that person also is best of of 10 more people and they call him a person with trust, dignity and helpful. What is that person then? You are saying he is bad but others are saying he is damn good? where to draw lines between good and bad which we created based on our own opinion?

Let me come back to gist of this article. World is not getting a bad place everyday and GOD should not destroy it. World is full of good people (as well not-so good people). People are improving and becoming more self conscious. Each year I think how stupid I was last year. Which means I am improving each day and every year. When I see more people in my network, they are also improving. Which means society is improving and world is improving.

Then why the destruction will happen? HERE is the breaking NEWS.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

6 shortcuts that can make you dramatically more persuasive

Probably the best (and most accessible) book on persuasion and negotiation is Robert Cialdini’s Influence.

This video does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of Cialdini’s research:

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

basics of marketing - 551

These are my own notes for marketing 551
  1. Understanding fundamental concept  and frameworks . Think like a marketing manager.
  2. Scope of marketing is not just  getting people buy your product. Marketing means providing total customer value in terms of: Customer Service, Product design, Customer Analysis, Pricing, competitive strategy.
  3. Customer Value - Product Value, Image Value, Monetary cost, time cost, energy cost.
  4. Market- a verb to be avoided, because its too vauge.
  5. Marketing as a process: Strategic overview (Analysis of Customer, Company, Competition, collaborator and context). Creating value (definition of market, Segmentation,targeting, positioning, marketing mix) and Delivering value( Execution in market, Customer acquisition, analysis of results).
  6. Trend, Marketing research (primary data, secondary data)
  7. Customer life time value. Total value a customer will provide in its lifetime with the company.

Segmentation: Demographic, Geographic, Psycho-graphics, behavioral .
Targeting: Measurable, differentiable, Substantial, accessible, actionable.
Positioning the product-  Target Market, Product attributes, Firm capabilities, creating value.
Buyer Behavior- Model for low involvement new product: Awareness, Interest, Trial, Repeat
Product: Core benefits,  features and Value

New Product Development

Four Ps- Product, Price, Promotion, Placement.