Monday, November 05, 2012

Creating a Weekly Team Status Report in SharePoint

I was looking for a way to track the status of project and individual team member weekly status on the sharepoint 2010. First I tried the list but that did not work well for me.

I gave a try to Sharepoint Wiki web library and I was able to create a Dashboard view showing the project status alongwith team status.

This is how I achieve this:

 First we need the library to hold all the pages.  Create a Wiki Page library called WeeklyTeamStatus

Now let’s create the new column.  Let’s call the column Show in List? of type Yes/No.  Feel free to add a description if you like.  This will allow us to show or hide the user’s status page in the overall list.
We need to create web pages for each team member to update their status.  From the wiki library, click Pages from the ribbon and View All Pages.

Add a new page for each team member.  Click Add new page, then enter the name of the page for the team member.
Wiki page library
Now Edit the home.aspx page for the library, adding some general text for the meeting, then adding the content of the team member pages.  Click the Home page link from the list, and edit the page (Home.aspx).  Delete all of the text that’s there (how to use this library, etc.), and add your text.  This would include perhaps phone dial-in information, announcements, or guidelines for the meeting.
Now we need to get all the pages on the Home page.  Below the text, insert the existing Weekly Team Status list. You edit the page, and then click Insert off the ribbon, then choose existing list, then click your Weekly Team Status wiki. The result is obviously not the view we want.  We want to display the contents of each team’s page in the list instead of a list of pages.

Edit the Weekly Team Status web part on the Home.aspx page; the properties of the web part will be on the far right.  Under Appearance, we want to set the Chrome Type to None.  This will hide the name of the list on the page.  To help make refreshing the content easier, also go under the AJAX Options and click the checkbox for Show Manual Refresh Button.  Now edit the current view under the List Views heading.

SharePoint 2010 edit web part
Taken from Web
We want to only show the Name (linked to document with edit menu), Modified, and Wiki Content columns.  Change the sorting order to sort by Name in ascending order then Modified, and also set the filter to only show items when Show in List? is equal to Yes.  By setting this flag on the properties on each team member’s page, this will control whether or not it appears in the list on the main page.
Modifying the Show in List View
To show the content of the each page the way we want, expand the Style heading, choose Newsletter.  Click Ok and save your page.

That’s it!  Now your team members can edit their own pages to provide their status updates.  When it comes to meeting time, just open the home.aspx and everyone’s updates will show in alphabetical order, and the last time they provided an update.  Each team member clicks their name to get to their page, then they edit that page to provide their updates.  Team members could insert more than just text, they can insert show task lists, charts or excel data. Just before the meeting is started, you can just hit the fresh button on the list instead of having to refresh the entire SharePoint page.

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