Monday, November 26, 2012

how to improve memory.

some tips for remembering things longer-

1. Listen very actively. Engage your body when you listen. Sit straight, take notes.
The possibility of remembering something is less when you are lousy. So focus and be an active listner.

2. Remember the three most important things. Whenever you are reading a books or attending a seminar always list the 3 top things you get out of it. There may me list of things but not all of them are important. So always list the top 3 things.

3. Tell to someone what you have learned today. Tell the most important 3 things you learned from the book or seminar and tell it to a friend in your own words. If you do not feel comfortable telling to a friend then record it for yourself. You can easily find a nice apps for recording your voice. Replay your recording, listen carefully and analyze if there is a room for improvement.

4. Another trick to sharpen or check your memory is to recall the things you have done in the day before you go to sleep.

5. If you want to remember something important then co-related it to some funny or obscured image. Image stays longer in mind than just words. This will help a lot in recalling it later on.

6. Not to forget other things which are vital in improving your memory.
  - Sleep well
-  Eat healthy good
- Excercise

- Stay hydrated
- Meet with new people- become social.

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