Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tools and techniques for negotiation

I attended a workshop on how to negotiate yesterday. I took some notes and writing them down here. If you find them useful please comment below.

Different Negotiation styles- If we put OUTCOME on Y axis and RELATIONSHIP on X axis then the negotiation can be depicted as below model:

Competing- Negotiators that exhibits this styles are results oriented, self-confident, assertive, are focused on the bottom line' have tendency to impose their view upon the third party.
They care less about the relationship or co-opreation. Basically dominate the bargaining process and disregard any impact on relationship. A typical example if when you buy a Car.

Accommodating. In this style a person make an attempt to main relationship with the other party, smooth over conflicts. This style is low assertiveness but high on co-operation.If you this then I can do this- tradeoff

Avoid- A typical example is if the person is not responding to your emails. Emails should not be used to resolve the conflict or provide the feedback,.

Collaborating- Use open and honest communication, focus on finding creative solutions that mutually satisfy both parties.

Negotiation process

Tips: a. Ask open ended question to uncover the rationale behind the interest.
Instead of asking close ended question where the opponent can answer in Yes/NO, ask open ended question to get more information out. Ask, what, why, how...

b. During the middle phase the parties explore the ideas of creating the deal package. Trade-offs and concessions are exchanged.

c. And in the final stage the deal is agreed upon with close ended questions.

When stuck: We are kind of stuck and not making progress; lets escalate it to our bosses

Recommended Books -"Getting to Yes" -

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