Friday, December 07, 2012

is the world going to end after 14 days?

Anita (my wife) tried to convince me many times that people have become too bad. The world is not a good place to live as it used to earlier..50 years ago or 100 year ago (the more we go in past the better it was). There are so much sin happens on this earth that the destruction is going to happen very soon. It feel like god has put a certain threshold on quota of overall bad things and once it will exceed its threshold limit, God will put the plug for destruction. Boom! the earth will do a 180 degree rotation. Every living thing will be dead. And a new world will start from scratch. In the new world people will be good at heart (that's what she expect), human values will be there. There will no scarcity of resources. Less people and more resources. The world will become a better place to live, call Satyug- per se.

Personally, I believe that world is getting better place. People are becoming more educated. More eager to learn the life of meaning and trying to invent things that can make men life more comfortable. I am not saying that bad people are not there. Resource scarcity is not there. Off-course, they are there. But are the new? NO. Bad people were always there even if you go back 1000 back. Look in history. Were people not greedy or selffish earlier. Attacked other countries, so many times, pulled people in to world wars and killed innocent people.

Now, you may argue that bad people were there, but not almost every other person is bad. Well, no. All (or I should just say almost) are inherently good. When a child is born, he/she does not understand what is good/bad. We put the label on things, like this is bad and we should not do it. This is good. All of these are people opinion. Lets look in to your friend circle, one person may be your best friend and other no-so your friend did something and you labeled him as a bad person, permanently. Now, that person also is best of of 10 more people and they call him a person with trust, dignity and helpful. What is that person then? You are saying he is bad but others are saying he is damn good? where to draw lines between good and bad which we created based on our own opinion?

Let me come back to gist of this article. World is not getting a bad place everyday and GOD should not destroy it. World is full of good people (as well not-so good people). People are improving and becoming more self conscious. Each year I think how stupid I was last year. Which means I am improving each day and every year. When I see more people in my network, they are also improving. Which means society is improving and world is improving.

Then why the destruction will happen? HERE is the breaking NEWS.

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