Friday, June 15, 2012

Latest slang words I was not aware of

Yolo- one my friend’s younger brother put this in the tweet. Well, what the heck *YOLO” means?
I hit it in google, YOLO: You Only Live Once!  Then I realized that there are so many other such newly created slang words that teenager are using. I decided to find the latest 2012 slang words used by teen and familiarized myself so that I do not feel left behind when I see/hear these words on the internet or conversation.

Below is the list of some which I was not aware of earlier:

1.       Yolo: you only live once- self-explanatory and taken from Drake track the Motto.
2.       Swag: style/flavour/cool: still a UK / US favorite and staying strong for this year .I have Swag for days.
3.        Leggoo (Nothing to do with bricks, abbreviation of let’s go). Are you ready to hit the club tonight? Leggoo.
4.       Noob: A noob refers to someone who doesn't have the basic knowledge when it comes to pop culture, tech terms or just generally what seems to be "in" that week. (And don't worry, after you read our guide, you will no longer be a noob when it comes to popular words among teens).
5.       POS- Now kids aren't going around saying "POS" out loud -- nor would they say LOL (laugh out loud), WTF (what the f--k), BRB (be right back) or SMH (shaking my head) --but this one is just for texting and chatting. If you ever happen to look over your son or daughter's shoulder while they are on instant message sites or Facebook and you see "POS," it refers to: parents over shoulder
6.       SICK: Sick doesn't refer to being ill or literally sick. It usually refers to something that was awesome, cool or surprising.
7.       Gassed ( Excited/over the top) Ahhh Rick Ross gets me so gassed.
8.       Cray or Cray Cray ( Taken from Jay-Z + Kanye track N**gs in paris meaning crazy) #Thats Cray Cray.
9.       Jock: one who’s concerned with being macho or very masculine in appearance or manner; He lifts weights every day and often doesn’t wear a shirt. That way, the girls stand around him, admiring his chest muscles. He’s the most popular jock on campus.
10.   space cadet: someone who appears to be out of touch with reality; Instead of paying attention, that teen is just staring out the window. Perhaps something is bothering him. Or maybe he’s just a space cadet.
11.   veg out: stop working and take it easy; He’d been working hard. So today, he decided to veg out at home.
12.   wired: very stimulated or excited, as from a stimulant; I drank too many cups of coffee this morning. As a result, I’m really wired.
13.   Totes – totally (like, totally great or totally awful)
14.   Fo shiz – for sure
15.   My dizzle – my dear (we think?!)
16.   Tool- Wonderful- awesome
17.   "H"- hardcore- the lyrics are pretty "H".
18.   Requestion: Combination of question and request
19.   'Sup: Abbreviation for "What's up?"
20.   Bounce: To leave in a hurry

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