Friday, June 08, 2012

what to do if you just landed on H4 Visa.

"Was working in home country, was making decent money, and got married to a person on H1B. Being H4, I can't work- staring at the 4 walls whole day- gets frustrated" - Does this profile familiar to you?

If yes, then here is some of the tips/checklist based on my experience:

 #1. Get your driving license as soon as you can. If are new in US (and in CA where public transport is horrible) and does not drive, your life could be very difficult if you are an outdoor person.

#2. Make you first home trip back soon- After first couple of months you will start feeling home sick, missing your parents, siblings, old friends. Make your first home trip within a year. One of friend's wife did not visit her parents for 2 years after coming here and she started to feel depressed. Finally her Doctor suggested her to go and visit the parents immediately. She was completely normal after her India trip.

# 3. Plan to go for MS/MBA- Trust me this is best path if you want to work here. I know, the cost of study is very high, and you may argue that you already have an MS from India, why do it again..Well I understand, but my suggestion is -go for it. You can recover the money you spent on MS/MBA within first two year. Moreover, you can legally work 18 hours a week during study, which is much better than nothing

#4. Start Workout/playing something (or control your eating habits) - otherwise your weight may sky rocket without you noticing it. Better control yourself on eating the right foods at right quantities. Otherwise you would have to waste months in getting back to shape!

#5. Go for some volunteer work (if you do not want to study)- best place is you can work in library and study (if you like studying). cultivate a hobby and make new friends.

#6. Find new people who have same interest as you – search groups and nearby activities on or Facebook..etc.  Join any class of your class, tango class…

#7. Embrace change. Once you know it always happens, and once you practice finding the things to be grateful for in each change, then the changes will gradually start to always be on your side. When you wake up, start to look forward to the stunning that will happen in your life today.

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