Monday, September 01, 2014

AHCI Emulation in QEMU and how to Make it work in Windows 7

New QEMU let's you emulate the AHCI controller, so that the DomU can see the AHCI device. But the problem is that the AHCI controller exposed through QEMU comes with old I/O controller and device IDs.
In my experiment AHCI device IDs are 8086:2922. Now the problem comes because Intel RST controller does not support these device IDs and Microsoft Standard AHCI driver will load up but some of the functionality will not work.

In my experiment Win7 hibernate was not working with QEMU exposed AHCI controller + Microsoft Standard AHCI driver. MS has not updated its standard AHCI driver from years. To solve the problem I had to go back and install an old version of Intel RAID+ AHCI driver which was originally released for 9096:2922 device-


After this driver AHCI functionality started to work.

The other option is you can use modded Intel driver from here -

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