Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to Lose Fat and Tone in One Body Part

There is no magic bullet that you can use to tone up a specific body part and make fat disappear from there. Life will be so much easy if one exercise can actually do the magic in getting the result you want - but unfortunately that does not work. You can’t just take the fat and burn it right where it sits; because your body must first convert the fat into a form of fuel that your body can actually burn for energy. FAT is stored all over your body- in some body parts its more than other. Its different for men and women because of hormonal differences.

Lets look at how the FAT loss work at high level:  When your body needs energy, it doesn't get it from a single specific body part. Instead it will take fat from everywhere and convert it into free fatty acids which enter your blood stream and become fuel for muscles. That is why it takes more strategic planning if you want to tone a particular body part

So what is an effective strategy to lose Fat and tone in one body part?

Find out which part has more fat and focus on that area.
Minimal Rest between workout sets - Light weight and more repetition
Repeat this routine 4-5 times a week
Keep athletic/balanced stand while doing exercise -- achieve your goal without getting hurt.

Steps #1:- Burn phase
 -Do 20-25 minutes high intensity/short/Interval based cardio to burn the calories then do toning so that fat gets used for energy.
- I use Tabata songs for my high intensity internal training (HIT).
- I prefer to do the exercise in the morning because your body is already in fasting mode and its relatively will burn more Fat.

Step#2- Tone a specific part
Perform exercises that specifically stress the muscles of the body part that you are trying to spot reduce. (see list of exercise example for toning arm below)

Steps#3 Diet
Reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories daily for seven days will result in 1 pound of fat tissue loss per week, according to the University of Illinois. You’ll need to maintain current levels of physical activity, or even increase physical activity, to start burning through fat reserves.

- Fuel moderately. Eat more veggies and high quality FAT (e.g Coconut oil, grass fed butter)from morning to late evening.
- In the evening you can have your normal meal  but make sure you finish you dinner before 8 pm. The idea is that your food must be digested before you go to sleep.

Example: Exercise List for toning and losing fat from arm

1. Triangle Pushups 

Counter Pushups

2. Triceps Kickbacks 


3. Arm Circle 

4. Side planks 

5. Dumbbell press 

Kettle-bell exercises:
Image result for kettlebell shoulder workout

Resistance Band Exercise:
Image result for resistance band shoulder

Okay, we have got a number of insights, lets round them up in to a system that you can use

Sum Up

Here’s how to achieve your goals with minimal efforts:

1. Learn how to do high intensity training. Do it for 20 minutes
2. Do toning exercise for your targeted body part
3. Buy kettle-bell, resistance band, dumbbell and foam roller for stretching (this will be best $60 spending of your life - trust me!)
3. Eat mindfully. Minimal sugar and processed food. More veggies and high quality fats
4. Use your motivation to repeat this for 21 days to convert the routine in to habit -- and then slowly make staying fit as your ritual 

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