Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Five Body Weight Exercise that Gets The Most Bang For Your Buck

I have experimented with hundred plus different exercises in last six months. I was keeping logs of every workout, like:  how did I felt after the workout? was there any body pain next day? time required to complete it? risk of injury if any? etc. etc

I carefully analysed all my results and applied Pareto (80/20) rule to find out few most effective exercises that gave me best results all the time.

Whenever I short on time in the morning, I would just do these 5 exercises in 15-20 minutes with very high intensity (minimal rest) interval

[Note: Do 3-5 minute warm up by doing your favorite moves to open up the joints before you start]
  1. Body Weight Air Squat [ max rep, 2 sets]
  2. Push-up [ max rep, 2 sets]
  3. Pull-up [ max rep, 2 sets]
  4. Plank [ max hold time, 2 sets]
  5. Finish with deep stretching of 7 major body parts for roughly 5 minutes

Bonus tip: watch some YouTube video to see the correct form of these exercise. Do not start with bad form. I will also try to record a video next time and post a link here.

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