Sunday, November 15, 2015

Book Review: My Notes on The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

If you have ever been stuck or frustrated, this book might help. Using stories and examples from a wide range of people in history (from Ulysses S. Grant to Steve Jobs to Laura Wilder and more), the author helps us see how to use our obstacles as a stepping stone to success.

Most helpfully, the book provides examples, inspiration and approaches to help us understand and apply that premise. And this book can point you in a realistic way towards using those obstacles as a part of your ultimate success.

I found the book to be enlightening, thought provoking, easy to read, and lots of fun

My Reading Notes 
What stands in the way becomes the way: Turning obstacles upside down

Too quickly blame external things and are stuck in fear-Great ones turn weakness into strength
Use problem as fuel-Simple but not easy
This is not so bad -> I can make this good

Three components: Perception, action, will
1.How we look at our problems, attitude
2.Energy and creativity to break them down and make opportunities
3.Inner will to handle defeat

Absence of irrational or extreme emotions-I am in control not my emotions
No panic -What am I choosing to not see right now?
Domestication of emotions, not feeling them
Defeat emotions with questions and logic
Get to root causes - Observing and judging
Practice objectivity - I am not going to die from this
Contemptuous expressions: when someone intimidates u see them in ur mind in awkward position or private moment just like rest of us
Pretend situation happening to someone else; easier to write off
Alter your perspective -Ur angle changes everything-Break fear apart

You are someone with something special to offer; Not about being picked-Is it up to you?
Live in the present moment --Deal with things as they happen
Push others when believe in something
Finding the opportunity- See the opportunity inside the obstacle
Good in everything as long as look for it
Cleaner head makes for steadier hands-See world as it really is

Start anywhere or anyhow no matter how offensive or imperfect the conditions-Then really put full force into your efforts
Practice persistence 
Work twice as hard
MVP-Failure as a feature-Must learn from it
Follow the process-Focus on what need to do for next drill and task only-Break it down into pieces-All about finishing
Don't be paralyzed by big dreams and unknown full path - Demosthenes used his disadvantages to train himself
What's right is what works-Focus on results instead of pretty methods
Never attack where it is obvious --Don't challenge enemy where strongest--Find workarounds
Channel your energy --Rename it and claim it - Physically loose and mentally tight
Press forward when others see Disaster-Never let a serious crisis go to waste
Nothing can ever prevent us from trying --Problems are a chance for us to do our best

Part 3: WILL
Internal power unaffected by world- Practice cheerfulness in dark times
Will is completely in us-Fortitude and wisdom
Don't take weaknesses for granted --Can rebuild yourself with exercise
Prepare for hard road BECOME MENTAL ATHLETE
Build inner citadel inside that no external adversity can break down
Anticipation (thinking negatively)
Pre mortem-Think of all ways launch can go wrong --Will suck but will be ok
Accept ur reality and adjust to it and find how to develop own strength
Consider how much worse things could be
Sticking your ass to the seat and not leaving until it's over
Persistence about action, energy
Perseverance about will, endurance
If I can't solve this for myself how can I at least make this better for others


Alter your prospectice: Control the irrational emotions and edit it your own way
Flip the obstacle. The event we see negative, all contains a positive and exposed benifits that we can recognize and act  (Think about ostacles I had in my project hypervisor and Caller Dashboard)

Keep moving: We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out."
Defeat of failure is nothing but education. nothing but the first step to somthing better

When Chaos in life - take a breath- do the immediate, composite part in front of you and follow its thread into the next action. Do the little things right now

I do not care if the cat is balck or white, so long as it catched ice

Think progress and not perfection
Sometime the longest way around is the shortest way home

A problem present an opportunity for a solution that we have been waiting for long

Focus on something biggar than yourself
A man job is to make the world a better place to live so far as I am able to

If I can not solve it for myself, how can I least make this better for other people

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