Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Benchmarks: World's key facts and figures

Benchmarks are super helpful when you are prepping for an interview or planning and proposing a new product in your company. I worked on building Benchmarks products at ServiceNow and love the insights they provide to have meaningful conversations.

Without a doubt, your business judgment and quantitative skills will be the workhorses in market sizing drills. But there is a key "spark plug" that will help get things started: a good bank of key facts and figures. Earlier, we referred to this as a super power. That's true for three specific reasons: 1) it provides good starting points 2) good data points for proxies and 3) good data for running quick sanity checks.
For example, consider a case where someone asks you to size the dental floss market in China, or India or the United States. If you have no idea of the rough populations of those countries, you're going to be off to a rough start. While firms won't expect you know to esoteric facts, there are a key set of figures that you should know because they'll be helpful as stating points and baselines for sanity checking your estimates.
Let's review some of the key data sets.
Country populations
  • China: 1,393M
  • India: 1,267M
  • US: 322M
  • Indonesia: 252M
  • Brazil: 202M
Number of house holds (HHs)
  • China: 445M
  • India: 263M
  • US: 122M
  • Indonesia: 62.5M
  • Brazil: 61.2M
Regional populations
  • The world: 7.2B
  • Asia Pacific: 4.5B
  • Africa: 1.2B
  • North America: 580M
  • The European Union: 511M
  • South America: 422M
Global economic data
Gross domestic product (in $USD)
  • Global GDP: $73.1T
  • US GDP: $17.4T
  • China GDP: $10.4T
  • Japan GDP: $4.6T
  • Germany GDP: $3.8T
  • UK GDP: $2.99T
Largest exporters (% of world total)
  • European Union: 16.3%
  • US: 11.7%
  • China: 9.9%
  • Germany: 7.5%
  • Japan: 4.1%
Number of businesses
  • US: ~40M1
  • EU: ~22M2
Health and wellness
Life expectancies (in years)
  • Canada: 82.6 (16th in World)
  • Germany: 81.5 (27th in World)
  • US: 79.6 (49th in World)
  • China: 75.9 (below top 50)
  • India: 68.3 (below top 50)
Percent of GDP spent on healthcare
  • US: 17.1% (Highest in world)
  • Germany: 11.3% (6th highest in world)
  • Canada: 10.4% (15th highest in world)
Oil production (thousands of barrels per day)
  • US: 12,704
  • Saudi Arabia: 12,014
  • Russia: 10,980
  • Canada: 4,385
  • China: 4,309
Biggest emitters of carbon dioxide (in million tonnes per year)
  • China: 8,100
  • US: 5,270
  • India: 1,830
  • Russia: 1,780
  • Japan: 1,259
Fun facts
Busiest airports (total passengers per year)
  • Atlanta, Hartsfield: 101.5M
  • Beijing: 89.9M
  • Dubai, Intl: 78.0M
  • Chicago, O'Hare: 76.9M
  • Tokyo, Haneda: 75.3M
Cinema attendance (per year)
  • India: 2,117M
  • US: 1,270M
  • China: 830M
  • Mexico: 257M
  • South Korea: 215M
Beer drinkers (liters per person per year)
  • Czech Republic: 147
  • Germany: 113
  • Austria: 107
  • Estonia: 103
  • Poland: 99

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