Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to do 100 non-stop push-ups.

My MBA 3rd quarter is over last week and  I have a month of break before the next quarter starts.
There is one items in my plate which is lingering from a long time - Do 100 non-stop PushUPs!

I have been quite comfortable of doing 50 push anytime of day/night since 9th classs.
Its not like that I do pushup everyday, but my idea of minimum fitness is that a person until his 50's should be able to do 50 non stop push-ups and 10+ pullup/chin ups.

Here are couple of things I improved and I was able to achieve my goals in 10 days from 50 to 100 by increment of 5 pushup every day.

1. Breathing: Breathing properly is very very important. After doing some research I found that these two techniques are very helpfull if you want to go for 100 or more pushups.
  •  Normally you breath in while going down and breath out after coming up. Try this:breath in while going down and start breathing out as soon you are coming up with sound of huhhh.. The idea is you should not hold the breath while coming up.
  •  Once you reaches around 50, its hard to breath in/out on every pushup. Your body need more oxygen when you are pushing hard. so the trick is you breath normally with little power and focus on breathing. Its OK if you are doing a full deep breathing once between 2-3 push-up. If you are really breathing deeply you should not feel the short of breath. This is very important and helped me in reaching to 100 push-up.
2.  Eat well- You need to eat well. I was eating like its my job. Make sure you are taking enough protein (eggs, chicken, Quinoa, whey).. and slow carbs (beans etc).

3. Good sleep is very important. I was unable to increase the count by 5 the day I did not sleep well. Your body needs 6-7 hours of good sleep.

Here is my video of 100 pushup! Enjoy.

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