Tuesday, August 13, 2013

File Folders Became Shortcuts or disappeared from USB - How to fix.

This happened just all of a sudden- I inserted my USB and all my 2 years of data turned in to a 2 KB shortcut.
Ever met similar folders become shortcuts sufferings with your drive? It seems that such problem can be seen here and there on removable disk drive such as USB flash drive, external hard disk, memory card etc. So who is supposed to be the problem maker? Yes, you guess it – can be the virus, trojans or worm..

Here is how to fix it:

1. First check if the data still exists. Insert the USB and  Enter this command attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* (assume your drive letter shows as E: under 'My Computer', do not forget to replace it if different).

This will un-hide the data and you should be able to see all your contents inside a folder.

2. For some reason if you still can not see the data - then download a file copy tool "ycopy" and it would help you copy all the hidden files.

3. Scan your drive for virus. Once you have a back, do a full format and copy your data back.

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