Monday, March 16, 2015

How to do fast formatting in MS Word

No matter what kind of document you're working on, it will probably need some formatting. These shortcuts will help you zip through those tasks so you can concentrate on the content.

Apply style: I always starts with applying the default word style. This is very powerful and make your life easier-- styles are almost always more efficient than manual formatting
Ctrl + Shift + N applies the Normal style.

Remove manually applied formatting
The fastest way to eliminate all the manual formatting from selected text and get back to the underlying styles is to use these shortcuts:
- Ctrl + Spacebar removes character formatting, leaving just the formatting of the default character style.
- Ctrl + Q removes paragraph formatting, leaving just the formatting of the paragraph style applied to the selected paragraph(s).

Modify line or paragraph spacing
These are handy if you're trying to add white space and/or improve readability in a document but you don't have a lot of time to spend tweaking the layout and design:
Ctrl + 0 (zero) applies or removes 12 points of space above the current paragraph.
Ctrl + 5 applies 1.5 line spacing to the current paragraph.
Ctrl + 2 double-spaces the lines in the current paragraph.

Transfer formatting

Ctrl + Shift + C copies the formatting of selected text.
Ctrl + Shift + V applies the copied formatting to a new selection.

The Short-Cut Key for “Show All Formatting Marks
You will probably see a lot of extra paragraph returns, the symbol for which is [¶].
Here is a list of the most common offenders that you can delete with a simple search and replace.
Use find and replace to remove extra spaces

Nuclear option
Copy everything in notepad and bring it back. Note- this will remove any picture or images you had in the document. I try to add the images later on once my document has been close to finalize.

Paste as Text only Option
Alternatively you can use the Paste Special option or Keep Text Only option in Microsoft Word to paste the text with no formatting.

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